Houserules + Info

Forbidden Items / Photo + Filming

Weapons of any kind, Umbrellas, gas bottles, sprays etc. are strictly forbidden. In some cases you will have to hand over these items. After the event you can claim them back.
T-Shirts, Jackets, Patches, Flags etc. related to sexist, fascist, homophobe, bands or organisations etc. are 100% forbidden. Leave your politics at home!
Ensigns of your homecountry are not welcome as well.
VMM is a 100% unpolitical Event!

You are not allowed to use any professional Foto/Filming Equipment without permission of the Festival.

Soundlevel / Ear Protection

Because of the high soundlevel of this event it is highly recommended to use ear protection. You can find earprotection at the entrance or bars.

Please do not bring your underaged kids to this event. Even with heavy ear protection it might lead to problems with the venue´s security. The festival is not the right place for you offspring.


All stages / locations (except “Beisl”) are easily accessible for handicaped people.

There is a barrier-free toilet at the big indoor stage.


The cloakroom can be found in the entrance area of the big-hall.

Age restrictions

Please respect the “Wiener Jugendschutzgesetz”

Gastronomy / Payment

There are several bars / foodstands on site. Please be aware that you might only pay in cash. (Bar, Food, Merchandise etc.)

Find an ATM at “U3 – Erdberg” or “U3 – Gasometer”


The festival will take place at any weather conditions.

Venue, Transport & Accommodation

Arena Wien


Baumgasse 80
On Google Maps

Arena-Wien is one of Vienna´s most renowned venues. Located in a quite Area of Vienna´s third district Arena is the perfect location for the VMM. A Subway Station (U3) or Highway are very close to the Venue. The venue provides a large cloakroom to drop your jacket & bag.

Exclusive & very limited festival merchandise will be sold inside the venue. There you’ll also find other merch stands that are selling shirts, vinyl, CD’s and other cool stuff. If you’re lucky you might find that one collector’s item you’ve been looking for…

How to get to Vienna

By Plane

Take a flight directly to Vienna or book a flight to Bratislava, Budapest or Graz.
Best to check on:

By Car

Please note that there are several public parking lots around Arena Wien. On Saturday you can also park your car for free.

Altough Vienna is a very safe City, it is recommended not to leave any personal belongings or valuables inside your vehicle and please note that the Arena is not liable for theft or damages in case something unforeseen should happen.

More expensive but safer is the parking Garage (2 near the venue):

APCOA Parkhaus Erdberg
Franzosengraben 2
Open: 24/7
On Google Maps

APCOA Parkhaus Paragonstrasse
Paragonstrasse 2
Open: 24/7
On Google Maps

By Train or Bus

Plan your trip using or FlixBus (Busterminal Erdberg)

By Taxi

As Arena Wien is a highly frequented Venue you should not have any Troubles to find a taxi right in front of the Club. In case there is no Taxi you may call one (all companies have the same fares):

+43 (1) 40400 Vienna Taxiservice
+43 (1) 31300 Vienna Taxiservice
+43 (1) 60160 Vienna Taxiservice


All on walking distance to the Arena Wien:

Hotel bookings via or try AirBnB for cheaper private accommodation.